Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saddam Gets Hanged!
(not for the squeemish)

It's shaky and from a cameraphone, but you do actually see the drop...

Found at North American Gun Runners

Saturday, December 30, 2006

He's Dead Jim!

Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti, that's who, in case you were wondering. Well, he's finally dead and soon to be in the ground. If anyone on this earth deserved to die, it was him. In my opinion, this piece of filth had been taking up valuable air for way too long now. Good riddance!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Legal Version)

Whereas, on or about the night prior to Christmas, there did occur at a certain improved piece of real property (hereinafter "the House") a general lack of stirring by all creatures therein, including, but not limited to a mouse.

A variety of foot apparel, e.g. stocking, socks, etc., had been affixed by and around the chimney in said House in the hope and/or belief that St. Nick a/k/a/ St. Nicholas a/k/a/ Santa Claus (hereinafter "Claus") would arrive at sometime thereafter.

The minor residents, i.e. the children, of the aforementioned House, were located in their individual beds and were engaged in nocturnal hallucinations, i.e. dreams, wherein vision of confectionery treats, including, but not limited to, candies, nuts and/or sugar plums, did dance, cavort and otherwise appear in said dreams.

Whereupon the party of the first part (sometimes hereinafter referred to as "I"), being the joint-owner in fee simple of the House with the parts of the second part (hereinafter "Mamma"), and said Mamma had retired for a sustained period of sleep. (At such time, the parties were clad in various forms of headgear, e.g. kerchief and cap.)

Suddenly, and without prior notice or warning, there did occur upon the unimproved real property adjacent and appurtent to said House, i.e. the lawn, a certain disruption of unknown nature, cause and/or circumstance. The party of the first part did immediately rush to a window in the House to investigate the cause of such disturbance.

At that time, the party of the first part did observe, with some degree of wonder and/or disbelief, a miniature sleigh (hereinafter the "Vehicle") being pulled and/or drawn very rapidly through the air by approximately eight (8) reindeer. The driver of the Vehicle appeared to be and in fact was, the previously referenced Claus.

Said Claus was providing specific direction, instruction and guidance to the approximately eight (8) reindeer and specifically identified the animal co-conspirators by name: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen (hereinafter the "Deer"). (Upon information and belief, it is further asserted that an additional co-conspirator named Rudolph may have been involved.)

The party of the first part witnessed Claus, the Vehicle and the Deer intentionally and willfully trespass upon the roofs of several residences located adjacent to and in the vicinity of the House, and noted that the Vehicle was heavily laden with packages, toys and other items of unknown origin or nature. Suddenly, without prior invitation or permission, either express or implied, the Vehicle arrived at the House, and Claus entered said House via the chimney.

Said Claus was clad in a red fur suit, which was partially covered with residue from the chimney, and he carried a large sack containing a portion of the aforementioned packages, toys, and other unknown items. He was smoking what appeared to be tobacco in a small pipe in blatant violation of local ordinances and health regulations.

Claus did not speak, but immediately began to fill the stockings of the minor children, which hung adjacent to the chimney, with toys and other small gifts. (Said items did not, however, constitute "gifts" to said minor pursuant to the applicable provisions of the U.S. Tax Code.) Upon completion of such task, Claus touched the side of his nose and flew, rose and/or ascended up the chimney of the House to the roof where the Vehicle and Deer waited and/or served as "lookouts." Claus immediately departed for an unknown destination.

However, prior to the departure of the Vehicle, Deer and Claus from said House, the party of the first part did hear Claus state and/or exclaim: "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!" Or words to that effect.

Thanks to

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Search for True Love

Click Here

Too fucking true.

Found at View From The Porch.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Slow Motion Shooting

Very cool! If you look closely, you can even see the bullet spinning to the right as it exits the barrel.

Friday, December 08, 2006

by Megadeth
(Dedicated to the U.N., Kofi Anan and the Iraq Study Group)
What do you mean, I dont believe in god?
I talk to him every day.
What do you mean, I dont support your system?
I go to court when I have to.
What do you mean, I cant get to work on time?
I got nothing better to do.
And, what do you mean, I dont pay my bills?
Why do you think Im broke? huh?
If theres a new way,
Ill be the first in line.
But, it better work this time.
What do you mean, I hurt your feelings?
I didnt know you had any feelings.
What do you mean, I aint kind?
Im just not your kind.
What do you mean, I couldnt be president, of the United States of America?
Tell me something, its still "We the People", right?
Chorus (repeat)
If theres a new way
Ill be the first in line,
but it better work this time.
Can you put a price on peace?
Peace sells...
Peace sells...
Peace sells,
but whos buying?
Peace sells,
but whos buying?
Peace sells,
but whos buying?
Peace sells,
but whos buying?
No, peace sells...
Boy, that sure dated me didn't it? Oh well... Seriously, if everyone could live together in peace I'd be delighted, but that just isn't reality. In the real world there are people who want to kill me for no other reason than I'm an American. Until such a time as the world can live together as one, the best defense is a strong offense. And Sarah Brady, et al, you can have my guns if you want them, bullets first.
War out...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Pervert Prophet

Kinda catchy, don't you think?

Thanks to Justify This! for the video.

Monday, October 30, 2006

.17 Mach 2 Machine Gun

I want one of these!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I was expecting it and I wasn't disappointed. The Portland Police just got away with murder. The most that can happen to them now is the city pays a hefty fine to the family of the deceased.

I'm in such a foul mood right now.

My parents didn't say anything, but I don't think they agree with me. They grew up in a time where the government knew best and blind obedience was the norm.

My dad thinks my "obsession" with guns is funny. My mom, who I expected to be the most against me, actually seems interested. I don't expect her to start packing anytime soon though, she is in her 70's after all and I don't see her or my dad's minds changing after this long. I remember as a kid I couldn't even own a cap gun, let alone a BB gun or heaven forbid, a .22. My grand father on my dads side was a cowboy and had guns. He hunted and protected himself and his family on the prairie when he was homesteading. He was also a deputy sheriff at one point and had a Colt revolver. My grandparents on my moms side had shotguns and other firearms at their farm. WTF happened?

I was living with my sister and her family in Redding, CA a few years ago and had a guy force his way into the house late at night with a rifle. If my brother in law hadn't been behind the door as it opened and pinned the guys arms, there is no telling what would have happened to us and their two kids. Later when we moved the couch we found a cartridge with a struck primer. Presently, I have it on good authority that she won't allow a firearm in her house.

Also, a friend of mine is scared of guns and won't even think of going to the range with me to see for themselves what they're all about.


My ex is an anti, a Democrat, and thinks the Million Mom March is a great thing. Just one of the numerous things that drove us apart, that and the screwing other men thing.

Sometimes I just feel so alienated, like I'm the only sane person left in the world.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mouse Orgy

Well, it seems that some french people at Disneyland Resort Paris were caught on video simulating sex acts while in costume as Disney cartoon characters. Disney is said to have taken "appropriate action" against the humans inside the costumes. Personally, I don't see what there is to be upset about, it's actually pretty tame for a "sex" scene. Oh well... Click the link above to see for yourself.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Think what happened in New Orleans can't happen where you live? Think again! Even with the new "DISASTER RECOVERY PERSONAL PROTECTION" act signed into law, I still trust the LEO's about as far as I can throw them!

Click the link above to get a taste of what happened in New Orleans direct from some of the firearm theft victims themselves.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

David Zucker GOP AD

They really should run this AD, it's funny and it's the truth. The pussies in charge of the GOP would never run it though.

Too bad...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Play Halloween Hangman, it's cool!

Halloween Hangman created by The Dimension's Edge, Inc.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Clinton tried to kill Santa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Keith Olbermann is a douche-bag

Here's the whole Chris Wallace interview in three parts.

Oh, and just so no-one forgets what kind of person we're dealing with:

A message to Islamofascists everywhere:

لن أستسلم

الموتُ لالاس

"I will not submit. Death to Islam!"

Monday, September 25, 2006

Jeff Cooper is Dead

At the request of the family it is my sad duty to report the passing of our founder, Jeff Cooper. Jeff died peacefully at home this afternoon while being cared for by his wife Janelle and daughter Lindy.

There will be a private internment at Gunsite by invitation, with a public memorial service at the Whittington Center at a date to be announced.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.


Ed Head
Operations Manager
Gunsite Academy, Inc.
2900 W. Gunsite Rd.
Paulden, AZ 86334
Jerry Brown wants to be the Attorney General of CA

I knew there was a reason I moved out of California. As one who knows a bit about Jerry Brown when he was governor there, I shudder to think he has or might have public office again. ...and this cop. I bet the people of Oakland, CA feel safer having a dipshit cop like this endorsing Mr. Brown. What a retard.
From the "Castrated Police" file:

Now I am of the opinion that the police have way too much power, but this is almost too strange to be believed. The police in England are now required to consult with mosque leaders before performing a raid in search of terrorism suspects.

You've got to be shitting me!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Osama Bin Laden Dead?

Sweet Jesus, I sure hope so, but then again it's probably not true. We'll have to see how this unfolds...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Spiffing up the Enfield

Here it is with the "new" micrometer rear sight which takes the place of the 300/600 flip sight. I can now aim from 200 to 1,300 yards with this "new" rear sight. Also, the safety parts have been replaced so it now works as designed, instead of slipping into safe spontaneously while the firearm is in use. That was very frustrating.

Here it is with an original sling from WWII. Doesn't it look purdy? :-) All told you're looking at about $75 of upgrades and fixes. This brings my total cost so far to around $246. I've also produced three hundred plus rounds of ammo for it with my reloading equipment I got at the gun show earlier this year.

Last but definately not least we have 100 rounds of .303 British cartridges in stripper clips. Lovely, aren't they? :-)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Visual Aids for The Religion of Peace

Any questions?

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Don't play if you are offended by "colorful" language and are religious and can't take a joke.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Religion of Peace

Three guesses what religion the idiots above are a member of. Yeah, that's right...Religion of Peace my ass! It would be more accurate to call it the Religion of Pieces. in, "If you don't believe the same as us we'll blow you into pieces!" I've had all of the Religion of Peace I can stand for a long time.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Colleen Monica Supinski
27, New York, NY

Occupation: Assets Trader
Status: Confirmed Dead.

Colleen Supinski was born August 24, 1974 and died on September 11, 2001. She worked on the 104th floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center at Sandler O'Neill & Partners as an assistant assets trader. At the time of her death she had been working at Sandler O'Neill for two years.

Colleen graduated from Susquehanna University in 1996 with a Marketing major. During her time at Susquehanna, she was a member of the track and cross country teams. Her coach, Dick Hess, describes her as having an upbeat personality.

"I hardly ever saw Colleen down," said Hess. "She loved being here. She loved what she was doing. She was a real team oriented person who was reliable, dependable, and always supportive of her teammates."

According to Hess, Colleen was successful in and out of the classroom.

"She was very focused and bright," said Hess. "She must have come here with a purpose in mind and took advantage of everything the institution had to offer."

Supinski was also a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and was president of sorority standards.

After graduating from Susquehanna, Supinski became a mentor for the Sigmund Weis School of Business as well as a member of the New York Financial Alumni Group.

Before working in the WTC, Supinski worked in the marketing department of Cantor Fitzgerald,
which is also in New York City.

She was also a member of St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Manhattan and was chairwoman of "Hoops for Hope," a fundraising program at Cantor Fitzgerald for cancer research.

On September 11th, 2001, Colleen was working as normal when the first plane hit the north tower. She called her mother to let her know that she was okay, and not to worry because it was the other tower that had been hit. "I'm OK," she told her mother. Then something happened and she added, "I've got to go." That was the last thing that Colleen's family ever heard from her.

From his offices only a few blocks away, her brother, Benjamin Supinski saw the first attack and
called her to tell her about it. And then just over an hour later he saw her building collapse.

Colleen and Benjamin Supinski weren't only brother and sister, they were each other's inspiration, too. "She would soften me up a little bit, and I would try to harden her up a little," he said.

For a time, the two of them lived only three blocks from each other. They talked every day on the phone and made it a point to get together at least once a week. They shared the same friends. For a time their youngest brother Nathan, 20, talked about joining them in New York as well.

Colleen loved her job and running, but most of all she loved her family.

"I believe that wherever she is, God's taking care of her," Benjamin Supinski said. "She's up there taking care of me, and of the rest of the family."

Bernice Supinski describes her granddaughter as a "petite tiny thing" who is stronger than she looks.

Just two days after the attacks, Colleen's family came to New York and went from hospital to hospital searching for their loved one, hoping against hope for some good news. That good news never came.

Now, five years after those terrible attacks, the memories are still fresh.

I never knew Colleen Supinski, but I wish I had. From everything I have been able to find, and everyone who knew her, she seems like she was a terrific and loving person. My sincere condolences go out to her family and friends.

Like most people, I remember where I was on September 11, 2001. I was in a hospital bed fighting off an infection that threatened to claim my right leg. I remember turning on the TV as I ate breakfast that morning and seeing it unfold on television. At first I thought it was a new movie and special effects, but it soon became clear that it was all too real. I watched in horror as the events of the day unfolded, and I'm not ashamed to say that I cried that day. I learned the true meaning of evil and I have never forgotten.

Every year since then the events of that day continue to echo inside of me and it feels as fresh to me now as it did then. The choices that many were forced to make, all of which had the same outcome.

September 11, 2001
We will never forget.
We will never forgive.


Monday, September 04, 2006

I am still in shock over this. I thought it was a joke at first, but now know it to be fact. I watched his show often and will miss him. He did much to introduce many young people to the world of animals and also was a leading advocate for the protection of many animals.

Rest in Peace Steve, you will be sorely missed.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Liquid Armor

Saturday, September 02, 2006

SMLE No4 Mk 1* Range Report

I took my new toy out to the range today. Here's the short story first, it shoots like the dickens! It shoots much better than I at any rate. Using the 300 yd appeture I was able to get a good 4 MOA at 100 yd's by shooting about a foot and a half low. It's official folks, I have a keeper!

I shot just over fifty of my freshly rolled hand loads I made last weekend. This is a reduced power load from Speer #12.

CCI Magnum large Rifle Primer
44 gr H380 ball powder
123 gr Hornady SJSP .310 diameter
...and last but not least, the .303 British brass I got at the last gun show.

Each shot was well under .20 and my handloads worked like a charm. I have to admit to being a little apprehensive when I shot the first one, but it worked fine and so did all the others I shot today.

Next on the list: A micrometer rear sight, fix the flaky safety and buy a sling. Oh yeah, and buy more brass!

Here's a couple of pictures from todays outing! The first one is me and my new toy. I'm holding up one of my handloads for the camera. As you can probably tell, I'm feeling pretty happy at the moment. The second picture is string of ten and the third is a string of twenty. Thanks to Jeffersonian for taking these and sending them to me. Thanks also to him in his instruction and assistance, they are much appreciated.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Osama Bin Laden Quote

“We love death. The US loves life. That is the difference between us two.”

I say, let's go ahead and give him what he wants, in the most hideous, painful and humiliating way possible. And when he's finally dead, we should feed what's left of his body to wild hogs, and then kill and burn the hogs. The ashes should then be taken to a secret place and disposed of so there will be no monument to them in the world.

There is noone on this Earth who deserves to die more than him, and by extension the whole murderous lot. If I had the opportunity I would kill him or any terrorist. Honestly, they deserve nothing less. No life sentences, no plea deals. As long as they suck breath, the Earth is that much further burdened with their presence.

That's all I have to say about that.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

By American Airlines Pilot - Captain John Maniscalco

"I've been trying to say this since 9-11 - but you worry me. I wish you
didn't. I wish when I walked down the streets of this country that I
love, that your color and culture still blended with the beautiful
human landscape we enjoy in this country. But you don't blend in
anymore. I notice you, and it worries me. I notice you because I
can't help it anymore. People from your homelands, professing to be
Muslims, have been attacking and killing my fellow citizens and our
friends for more than 20 years now. I don't fully understand their
grievances and hate but I know that nothing can justify the
inhumanity of their attacks.

On September 11, nineteen ARAB-MUSLIMS hijacked four jetliners in my
country. They cut the throats of women in front of children and
brutally stabbed to death others. They took control of those planes
and crashed them into buildings killing thousands of proud fathers,
loving sons, wise grandparents, elegant daughters, best friends,
favorite coaches, fearless public servants, and children's mothers.
The Palestinians Celebrated, The Iraqis were overjoyed as was most of
the Arab world.

So I notice you now. I don't want to be worried. I don't want to be
consumed by the same rage and hate and prejudice that has destroyed
the soul of these terrorists. But I need your help. As a rational
American, trying to protect my country and family in an irrational
and unsafe world, I must know how to tell the difference between you,
and the Arab/Muslim terrorist.

How do I differentiate between the true Arab/Muslim-Americans and the
Arab/Muslims in our communities who are attending our schools,
enjoying our parks, and living in OUR communities under the
protection of OUR constitution, while they plot the next attack that
will slaughter these same good neighbors and children? The events of
September 11th changed the answer. It is not my responsibility to
determine which of you embraces our great country, with ALL of its
religions, with ALL of its different citizens, with all of its
faults. It is time for every Arab/Muslim in this country to determine
it for me.

I want to know, I demand to know, and I have a right to know whether
or not you love America. Do you pledge allegiance to its flag? Do you
proudly display it in front of your house, or on your car?
Do you pray in your many daily prayers that Allah will bless this
nation, that He will protect and prosper it? Or do you pray that
Allah with destroy it in one of your "Jihads"? Are you thankful for
the freedom that only this nation affords? A freedom that was paid
for by the blood of hundreds of thousands of patriots who gave their
lives for this country? Are you willing to preserve this freedom by
paying the ultimate sacrifice? Do you love America? If this is your
commitment, then I need YOU to start letting ME know about it.

Your Muslim leaders in this nation should be flooding the media at
this time with hard facts on your faith, and what hard actions you
are taking as a community and as a religion to protect the United
States of America Please, no more benign overtures of regret for the
death of the innocent because I worry about who you regard as
innocent. No more benign overtures of condemnation for the unprovoked
attacks because I worry about what is unprovoked to you. I am not
interested in any more sympathy...I am only interested in action.
What will you do for America - our great country -- at this time of
crisis, at this time of war?

I want to see Arab-Muslims waving the AMERICAN flag in the streets. I
want to hear you chanting "Allah Bless
America ." I want to see young
Arab/Muslim men enlisting in the military. I want to see a commitment
of money, time, and emotion to the victims of this butchering and to
this nation as a whole. The FBI has a list of over 400 people they
want to talk to regarding the WTC attack. Many of these people live
and socialize in Muslim communities. You know them You know where
they are.

Hand them over to us, now! But I have seen little even approaching
this sort of action. Instead I have seen an already closed and
secretive community close even tighter. You have disappeared from the
streets. You have posted armed security guards at your facilities.
You have threatened lawsuits. You have screamed for protection from

The very few Arab/Muslim representatives that HAVE appeared in the
media were defensive and equivocating. They seemed more concerned
with making sure that the United States proves who was responsible
before taking action. They seemed more concerned with protecting
their fellow Muslims from violence directed towards them in the
United States and abroad than they did with supporting our country
and denouncing "leaders" like Khadafi, Hussein, Farrakhan, and
Arafat. If the true teachings of Islam proclaim tolerance and peace
and love for all people then I want chapter and verse from the Koran
and statements from popular Muslim leaders to back it up. What good
is it if the teachings in the Koran are good and pure and true when
your "leaders" are teaching fanatical interpretations, terrorism, and

It matters little how good Islam SHOULD BE if large numbers of the
world's Muslims interpret the teachings of Mohammed incorrectly and
adhere to a degenerative form of the religion. A form that has been
demonstrated to us over and over again. A form whose structure is
built upon a foundation of violence, death, and suicide. A form whose
members are recruited from the prisons around the world. A form whose
members (some as young as five years old) are seen day after day,
week in and week out, year after year, marching in the streets around
the world, burning effigies of our presidents, burning the American
flag, shooting weapons into the air. A form whose members convert
from a peaceful religion, only to take up arms against the great
United States of America, the country of their birth. A form whose
rules are so twisted, that their traveling members refuse to show
their faces at airport security checkpoints, in the name of Islam.

Do you and your fellow Muslims hate us because our women proudly show
their faces in public rather than cover up like a shameful whore? Do
you and your fellow Muslims hate us because we drink wine with
dinner, or celebrate Christmas? Do you and your fellow Muslims hate us
because we have befriended Israel, the ONLY civilized democratic
nation in the entire Middle East?

And if you and your fellow Muslims hate us, then why in the world are
you even here? Are you here to take our money? Are you here to
undermine our peace and stability? Are you here to destroy us? If so,
I want you to leave I want you to go back to your desert sandpit
where women are treated like rats and dogs. I want you to take your
religion, your friends, and your family back to your Islamic
extremists, and STAY THERE! We will NEVER give in to your influence,
your retarded mentality, your twisted, violent, intolerant religion.
We will NEVER allow the attacks of September 11, or any others for
that matter, to take away that which is so precious to us: Our rights
under the greatest constitution in the world. I want to know where
every Arab/ Muslim in this country stands and I think it is my right
and the right of every true citizen of this country to demand it. A
right paid for by the blood of thousands of my brothers and sisters
who died protecting the very constitution that is protecting you and
your family. I am pleading with you to let me know. I want you here
as my brother, my neighbor, my friend, as a fellow American. But
there can be no gray areas or ambivalence regarding your allegiance
and it is up to YOU, to show ME, where YOU stand."

"Until then .. you worry me"

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Cork Soakers

Hehehe... Happy weekend!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yuri Gets an Enfield!

That's right folks, I got my US Property Lee Enfield No 4 Mk1* (.303 British) out of layaway. Unfortunately, the extractor is broken, but the rest of the rifle is in such good shape that I decided to just order another extractor ($8 on eBay). So as soon as I get that and install it, I'll be good to go. I could have exchanged it for the other Enfield they had, but the stock on that one looked like it had been soaking in used motor oil.

From the serial number it appears to have been made some time in mid 1943 by Savage. The bore is nice and clean with no rust or corrosion visible. The "blueing" is pretty light in most places, but for a sixty three year old rifle what can you expect? I know you're dying for a photo, so here you are:

Sweet! Now I'll have to take it up to the range when I get the extractor fixed and see how she shoots!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yuri goes to the Gun Show!

This last Sunday I had the pleasure of going to the Oregon Arms Collectors show in Portland, OR. Jeffersonian and I made the rounds of the show and checked out all of the displays. There was so much to see! I especially liked the historical displays around the outside of the room. Also, due to my immanent purchase of a SMLE in .303 British, I managed to pick up some reloading equipment, with Jeffersonian's guidance. You can't really see everything I got in the photo, but here is a brief rundown. Items that were not bought at the show are indicated as such.

Lee Reloading Press (Clark Rifles Swap Meet)
Reloading Dies in .303 British
Shell holder #7
100+ empty .303 British brass
RCBS Scale
RCBS Rotary Case Trimmer 2
RCBS Powder funnel
Speer Reloading Manual #12
Redding Model #3 Powder Measure
MTM Case-Guard loading tray (at Washougal River Merchantile)
RCBS Hand Priming Tool (New @ Bi-Mart)
100 CCI #200 Large rifle primers (New @ Bi-Mart)
Hodgdon H380 Rifle powder 1 lb. (New @ Bi-Mart)
100 Hornady 123 gr sp .310 bullets (New @ Bi-Mart)
Thumlers Tumbler Ultra Vibe-18 case/rock tumbler (used at Washougal River Merchantile)
Generic Digital Calipers.
Kitty Litter ($1 from Dollar Tree)
Orange Primer flipper over doo-hickey that was thrown in for free.

All told, you're looking at roughly $230 worth (what I paid) of new and used reloading supplies. A lot of the used items retail new for a LOT more than I paid for them. In addition, I picked up some military surplus .303 British at Washougal River Merchantile as well. Yes I'm gonna shoot it, but it also gives me the real deal to compare my handloaded rounds to. In case you're wondering what the kitty litter is for, since I don't currently own a cat. It's the media for the case tumbler which I'll use to pollish the brass with. It's a heck of a deal at $1 from Dollar Tree. Oddly, the guy mentioned that he goes through a LARGE amount of kitty litter every month. Weird... I didn't know that many people owned cats in Camas/Washougal. He did say that a local autoshop owner comes in and picks some up for help with oil spills at his garage, but it's still a strange thing for there to be a run on it every month. If I didn't know better, I'd think people were eating the stuff!

After lunch Jeffersonian and I went up to the range where I finally got the sights on my Ruger 22/45 sighted in. By the time I got done shooting it, I was getting groups of about 1" at 15 yards. Check out the ten shots in the lower left quadrant of the target to see what I'm talking about. There's a couple fliers, one about .5" high and one an 1" low, but those were my fault and not the gun. I'm not Bob Munden yet, but I'm doing okay as long as I remember to take my time. I'd like to enter the plate match next weekend, or at least come and observe, but with the children home it might be an issue. I'll have to see if I can get a baby-sitter for the day.

I also shot my Ruger 10-22 at 100 yards, but my scope was way off and I wasn't hitting butkis. I forgot to bring my laser bore sighter with me so I was having to adjust the scope while wasting ammo. Jeffersonian helped with spotting for me. After a short while I gave up in frustration and took out my Mosin Nagant M91/30. I got to try out some of Jeffersonian's excellant hand loads for the Mosin in 7.62x54R. Less recoil and very accurate in my rifle. Very nice! I also shot some Albanian Military Surplus ammo I bought off Jeffersonian a couple weeks ago. Much harder kick and the POI was way high. Oh, found out something interesting. For a long time, I was having problems with my Mosin's bolt being hard to open after a few shots. Turns out, that when firing brass cased ammo instead of steel cased ammo, I didn't have that problem at all. There's something about the steel cased ammo that doesn't agree with my Mosin. As far as how I did, well, with my bad eye-sight, I couldn't even see the red diamond on the paper target, so I just aimed for the middle of the white rectangle. What I'm trying to say, is I can still hit a paper plate from 100 yards. I REALLY need to get my eyes checked and probably some glasses too.

Jeffersonian also let me shoot his $20 Garand. Ask him about it if you want the whole story, which he delights in telling to anyone who'll listen. :-) I got some practice in loading single shots and then full clips, as well as advice on how to avoid "Garand Thumb". Very sweet! I've gotta get me one of those. Oh well, I'll just have to add it to the list! Hehehe...

I also got to shoot a custom Mouser style rifle in .270 Winchester. I still think there was something wrong with the guy's bolt, because I was having the darnest time getting it to close. It may be the extractor is bent in a little bit. When I first got my Mosin, I had the same problem and I had to bend it out carefully, and now it works like a charm. Anyway, the kick was hard and it was real loud. That's what I like! I swear though, with him in the next bench, I jumped everytime he touched one off.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day, except for the heat at the range. It was only 90F, but it was humid on top of that and I found myself getting dehydrated fast. Even under more temperate conditions, walking out to the target and back is an adventure with my legs all screwed up like they are.

Yuri out!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Boy, 12, evades security clampdown

"LONDON, England -- Despite a high level of alert at British airports, a 12-year-old boy managed to board a plane at Gatwick without a passport, ticket or boarding pass."

This sure makes me feel safe to fly...

Friday, August 11, 2006

That's America, Bitch!

Hell yeah!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Andrea Yates not guilty

A jury found Andrea Yates not guilty by reason of insanity in the drowning deaths of her young children in the bathtub of their suburban home.

I think I'm going to be sick. I have nothing to say except I have to go throw up now. They should have fried the bitch. No-one that evil should be allowed to live.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Next on the ban list: Inflatable Sculpture

Apparently a giant inflatable sculpture, in a park in Britain, lifted up into the air on a gust of wind and killed two people, injuring thirteen. When will these crazy brits finally realize that guns don't kill people, giant inflatable sculptures do! ;-)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Introducing the Tesla Roadster

It's sleek, it's sexy, it's american...and it's electric.

Zidane Headbutt Game

Hehehe... Too funny!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Damn this looks like fun!

Gattling Gun Sweetness

I think I'm in love!

Modified M16 machine gun with silencer...and the girl's not bad either!
Who says electric cars aren't cool?

Presenting the 2005 Venturi Fetish. It has a 220 mile range, goes from 0 - 62 in less than five seconds, and takes only a minute/mile recharge time.

Read more about it here.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Quote of the Day

Quemadmoeum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."
"A sword is never a killer, it's a tool in the killer's hands."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the Younger" (ca. 4 BCE-65 CE )

Monday, July 17, 2006

Lee Enfield No4 MkI .303 British

Here's a few pictures of a Lee Enfield I'm thinking about buying. Yes, the magazine is missing, but that shouldn't be that expensive to replace. It's been sporterized, which I don't like, but still it looks like it has potential. You can click on the pictures to get a bigger image.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yuri Goes to the Range!

I managed to get out to the range yesterday and had a blast. That's my Mosin Nagant M91/30 I'm shooting in the picture (courtesy Jeffersonian), using some Polish Mil Surplus 7.62x54R made in 1981. I'm not a terrible shot, I can reliably hit something the size of a paper plate from 100 yards, but I wouldn't call myself a "marksman" by any stretch of the imagination. When I get my glasses next month, I'm positive my shooting will improve. My right eye is getting progressivly near sighted as I get older. We'll see. I also was able to shoot my SKS Yugo, but the sights on that turned out to be WAY off and noone had a sight adjustment tool at the range.

I also shot my "new" Taurus M605 .357 Magnum with the 2.5" barrel. With .38 Special the accuracy was lousy, but as soon as I moved up to the .357 Magnum SJHP's, things improved a lot. Keep in mind this was at 25 yards and most gun fights occur within 10'. I also shot four magazines through my Ruger 22/45 and was very accurate with that at 25 yards.

Anyway, I have to take off to go to the store.

Friday, July 14, 2006

You are 62% of a gun nut! You've been trained in the art of the rifle. When you're handed a firearm, you can generally use it competently. Keep working at it!

Hmmm, looks like I need to go back to the range...good thing tomorow's the weekend huh? ;-)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oh those Wacky Muslims!

I just read a short story on REUTERS about a chicken that has laid an egg after a fierce hail storm with the word "Allah" inscribed into it in arabic. "Our mosque confirmed that it says 'Allah'," the farmer said. "We'll keep this egg and we don't think it'll go bad."

Hey, what's that weird smell? Did someone leave the gas on again? Nope, it's just the faintly sulphurous smell of rotting eggs in the desert heat.
"Troops Home Fast" or "American Idiot"

Oh my fucking God! They have got to be kidding!

In People magazine, in an article dated "July 4th, 2006", there is a story entitled "Cindy Sheehan, Stars Begin Hunger Strike". Apparently, Cindy "Corpse Rider" Sheehan is going to be on a "Fast" until September 1st. This fast includes, fruit smoothies with protein powder and also it seems, coffe with vanilla ice cream. I don't call that a fast, I call that a diet. And judging from this recent photo of Cindy, she could definately use it.

Also, a few Hollywood celebrities are joining Cindy in her "Fast", volunteering to go on "Rolling Hunger Strikes". The list includes Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Willie Nelson, and the Rev. Al Sharpton. Ah Willie, everyone knows that pot gives you the munchies, don't even think you can fool us. You'll be into the brownies before the first night is up! *snicker* What the hell are "Rolling Hunger Strikes"? Well, I'm glad you asked. Basically, if you were on a "Rolling Hunger Strike", you would give up food for a day, and then the next person would go without for a day, and so on. Again, I call this a diet. At most its a hunger strike with none of the negative effects like malnutrition and death. Some however, like "Diane Wilson, co-founder of the Code Pink: Women for Peace" are giving up food entirely until the troops come home. Okay, now that's more like it, but still lacking somehow. Hey, if you all want to really commit to your protest and show your beliefs, I have an idea. Do what the buddhist monks in Vietnam did. This will not only demonstrate your true, unwavering belief in your cause, it'll get you out of our misery for good. Not that I think anyone of you would actually do this, you're all too chicken shit.

Oh well, life keeps on going and going and going, just like the Energizer Bunny.
A Frischy Update, or Something smells Frischy in here...

Well, it seems that Ms. Frisch is up to her old tricks yet again. After once more promising to go away and stop posting, she not only made another entry in her blog, but also posted at least one additional comment on protein wisdom. *sigh* She just doesn't get it does she. It's funny, in a sick, train wreck sort of way. Now it appears she has made the national news, via Brit Hume of Fox News. Here's a link for those who wish to see/download the video.

I wonder if the good people in Eugene, OR watch Fox News? I also wonder how this is going to impact her chances of getting employment. Living out in the countryside as she does, I suppose she could always get into pig farming or something like that. *shrug* I really don't care, as long as she keeps her stinking pie hole shut and keeps her computer off of the internet.

In any case, I'm done with this story. She's used up her 15 minutes of infamey and I'm already tired of her childish antics. Goodbye Ms. Moonbat, whereever you are...
Dreams and Nightmares
A little fiction to start the day

I had a dream last night, or should I say, a nightmare. It was really weird. There I was in a post apocalyptic Earth. Zombies roamed the land, eating peoples brains and making other zombies. Strange glowing white, cratered spheres with black leathery wings fluttered around like house flies. And there I was, holed up in my house with nothing but a few hundred rounds and my shotgun between me and zombie lunch.

There was a shattering of glass from the first floor and a few seconds later two freshly made zombies lumbered into view and attempted to climb the stairs after me. It took me a second, but then I recognized them; Bill Clinton and Al Gore. "Holy Shit!" I mumbled and drew a bead on the former presidents face with my Remington 870 Express 12GA.

"I did not inhale!" zombie Bill gurgled.

"Global warming!" zombie Al hissed through ragged lips. I fired and zombie Bill's head disapeared into pink mist. His cheeseburger enhanced body twitched for a couple of seconds and then fell backwards onto the floor and stopped moving. Zombie Al continued climbing the steps, one delibrate step at a time. "I invented the internet!" he spat out along with several yellowed teeth.

"Like hell you did!" I hissed and racked the action on my shotgun. Seconds later the headless body of zombie Al joined his former boss on the floor of my house.

Suddenly, feral growls sounded below and who should step out into the light, but the decaying remains of Cindy Sheehan no less. "US out of Iraq!" she screamed as loudly as she could with a ripped out throat. Before I could line her up in my sights, behind her from the shadows stepped Dianne Feinstein.

"Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in!" she screached. There was only the telltale mask of red on her face from feeding that gave her away as the zombie she really was.

'Oh God no!' I thought. This was rapidly going from bad to worse! And then from the shadows behind her came zombie Sarah Brady, pushing the zombified remains of her paralyzed husband in a wheel chair. Other zombies began to spill out of the cold night into my living room. Ward Churchill, Deborah Frisch, Nancy Pelosi, Rebecca Peters and more crowded the first floor and then began advancing up the stairs.

I racked the action again and soon zombie Cindy and zombie Dianne jerked unsteadily to the floor. By the time I had reloaded, zombie Sarah was at the top of the stairs. A blast of 00 buckshot sent her airborne into the roiling crowd of zombies below. Zombie Ward Churchill actually made it to the top of the stairs before he lost his mind, again. Slowly though, I was being pushed back by their relentless advance. Soon I was pushed to the end of the hallway with an empty shotgun, being forced to use it as a club.

The zombies overcame me and began feasting savagely. In intense pain I withdrew my Taurus 605 .357 Magnum revolver and brought it to my head. I would not become one of them! Zombie Rebecca grabbed the revolver from my hand and another zombie confiscated my shotgun and remaining shells and took them away. Death came quickly, thank God.

The next morning, I think it was morning anyway; it was kind of hard to think straight now. I found myself stumbling around on a deserted street with a dozen or so of my commrades. The sound of gunfire drew me and the others to a little house beside the road. As we entered the dwelling, a frightened man popped around the corner and shot the zombie beside me. Before he could train his gun on me, I grabbed him with my rotting hands and ripped out his throat with my jagged teeth. "Guns are bad!" I hissed, "Guns kill people!" He gurgled on the ground in pain and fear as my companions and I devoured his quivering flesh. Soon though, he was one of us...

I awoke with a start, sweat soaking the sheets. I flipped on the light and made sure my guns were still in their safe. I took out my revolver from it's case in the nightstand beside my bed and held it lovingly.

Thank God it was just a nightmare...

The End

Cheesy I know... *shrug* And just so we're absolutely clear here, this is a total work of fiction, no violence to any persons, living or dead is intended, or wished. If you can't distinguish between right and wrong, then please, check yourself into the nearest sanitarium and have them give you some strong medicine to make the world go away.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Adam Corolla & Ann Coulter

Hey, isn't a Corolla one of those crappy Japanese economy cars? Okay, that's better. A quick google search turns up a picture of the 2006 model(right top), which I have to say is much better looking than I remember. No, Adam Corolla (left) is currently (among other things) the host of a crappy morning show. The local rock station in town carries it because after Howard Stern left for Sirius, there was a vacuum created in the morning show department. Actually, I'd rather they'd found a way to keep Howard, he was at least funny at times. Hell, they could have even created their own morning show with local talent, but no. It's enough to make me start turning off my radio before I go to sleep each night.

So anyway, the other morning Ann Coulter (right) was to be a guest on his show, but she had the wrong number and was late phoning in. Here is the transcript of their conversation:

ADAM CAROLLA: Ann Coulter, who was supposed to be on the show about an hour and a half ago, is now on the phone, as well. Ann?


CAROLLA: Hi Ann. You're late, babydoll.

COULTER: Uh, somebody gave me the wrong number.

CAROLLA: Mmm... how did you get the right number? Just dialed randomly and eventually got to our show? (Laughter in background)

COULTER: Um, no. My publicist e-mailed it to me, I guess, after checking with you.

CAROLLA: Ahh, I see.

COULTER: But I am really tight on time right now because I already had a-

CAROLLA: Alright, well, get lost.

He then proceeds to hang up on her. Can you say Rosie O'donnell? I was looking at my radio, aghast at how rude he had just been. Mr. Carolla needs to apologize to her, and do it now. To be fair, she did call in late and she did say that she was really tight on time, but still. With her being right in the middle of a book promotion tour, I can imagine how tight her time really is. Add to that the fact that she had the wrong number... What compounds the issue even more is that she was invited as a guest, as I understand it, by the shows host, Adam himself. I have but one word for this, and it is "Ambush". Pure and simple. Grow up Mr. Carolla, grow up now and give her the apology she is entitled to.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Luke 22:36

"He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."

These are instructions given by Jesus to his disciples in preparation of them traveling to spread the word. Even Jesus didn't have anything against owning weapons for self defense. Something to think about.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Deborah Frisch
(that's her standing in the middle)


1. see 'moonbat'; also 'democrat', 'lesbian', 'fucktard'
2. one of a number of the genus 'homo retardo' who insist on making vile comments on blogs and then refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

Personally, I will be the first to nominate the slimy little weasel for a spot on next seasons "Surviving Ted". Not to mention the personal enjoyment I'd get from seeing her squirm, but you never know, accidents happen.

Who is Deborah Frisch you ask? Well, she was an adjunct psychology lecturer at the University of Arizona until she resigned over this brouhaha, oh and here's her blog. Basically, she made some really horrible comments on protein wisdom about Jeff Goldstien's (the blog owner) two year old child, and now wants to duck all responsability for her actions. Between her and Ward Churchill, I can't think of two better candidates for manditory sterilization. Now, she is moving, unfortunately for me, to Eugene, OR. This is way too close to me here near Vancouver, WA. In fact, the south pole is too close for me. Is it too early to nominate people for the first manned mission to Mars (no return ticket, of course)?

What's wrong with moonbats anyway? Were they dropped on their heads as infants? Did their mommy bottle feed them? ...or is the problem simply bad genetics? Nature or nurture? Who the hell knows, and I no longer care. Perhaps we'd all be best served by them if they left for Iraq and volunteered as human sheilds.

War out.

Well, not a lot going on today. I wasn't able to get out to the range this weekend, so nothing new to report there. I am going out to Clark Rifles next Saturday morning, so that should be fun. I got my Taurus M605 out of layaway and after a four business day background check I have it at home. I haven't been able to fire it yet, but it is very solid and well made. One thing I need to work on is my tendency to aim "slightly" high when drawing (yes it's unloaded when doing this). At close quarters it probably wouldn't matter though as a .357 Magnum, semi-jacketed hollowpoint is going to hurt where ever it hits. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of it, that's for sure, but then again, I wouldn't want to get shot with a .22lr either.

Don't take a knife to a gun fight...

In chat today while listening to Gun Talk, it was discussed how a determined attacker, armed with only a knife is a real threat within twenty one feet. Apparently, it only takes someone with a knife to cross twenty one feet in one and a half seconds. Add to this, people who have been stabbed and shot both, say that they would rather be shot than stabbed any day. I've been neither, but they say that a knife hurts a lot worse. I'll have to take their word on this. So... In light of this information, I'd say that if some guy's coming at me with a knife and he's within twenty one feet of me, it's a definite "shoot" situation.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Prophet Muhammad

Take that terrorist scum!