Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yuri Gets an Enfield!

That's right folks, I got my US Property Lee Enfield No 4 Mk1* (.303 British) out of layaway. Unfortunately, the extractor is broken, but the rest of the rifle is in such good shape that I decided to just order another extractor ($8 on eBay). So as soon as I get that and install it, I'll be good to go. I could have exchanged it for the other Enfield they had, but the stock on that one looked like it had been soaking in used motor oil.

From the serial number it appears to have been made some time in mid 1943 by Savage. The bore is nice and clean with no rust or corrosion visible. The "blueing" is pretty light in most places, but for a sixty three year old rifle what can you expect? I know you're dying for a photo, so here you are:

Sweet! Now I'll have to take it up to the range when I get the extractor fixed and see how she shoots!

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Firehand said...

Oooh, nice looking piece! I'll mention that Sportsman's Guide has some 40's & 50's Brit production ammo; good stuff, though it is corrosive primed so you have to clean accordingly. Got a batch a while back, and what I've fired has been quite good.