Monday, March 26, 2007

A serious question for the group Flyleaf:

I should state up front that I own their debut CD and actually like most of the songs on it, so I'm not being facetious. I also seriously doubt that anyone in the band, let alone Lacey Mosley will ever see this post or answer me.

How do you feel about the song "Cassie" now in light of the Salon Feature article entitled 'Who said "Yes"?'

I understand that a lot of young people have had a religious experience because of the story about Cassie Bernall, or was it Rachel Scott...or maybe it was Valeen Schnurr?

Some would say that a religious experience is a good thing, but is it still a good thing when it's based on a lie? An untruth poisons the whole stew. I want to make it clear that I don't believe there was every any intentional falsehood on the part of anyone involved, but turning someone into a martyr based on erroneous information is wrong.

Lacey, in the song "Cassie" you sing that she pulled the trigger, when in reality it was one of the two psychopaths who were shooting people. How do you reconcile this with religious sources condemning suicide? Saying yes in this case would be akin to killing yourself.

Okay, now that I've probably pissed a lot of people off, let the hate mail rain in...


Anonymous said...

Hey, my name is Kat...I'm Jared's (one of the guitarists of Flyleaf) wife. The reason Lacey sings "and Cassie pulled the trigger," is more like a figure of speech ya know. Cassie was unashamed of who she was and what she believed in. When she was asked if she believed in God, instead of cowering away from her beliefs like a lot of people would do, she stood up for what she believed in...knowing that she could die for what she said. She stared at death and gave her answer. So "she pulled the trigger" so to speak, by having courage and sticking to he beliefs although she knew that they could lead to death. Lacey in no way advocates suicide, and we pray over the crowd and against suicide almost on a daily basis.

Yuri Orlov said...

Thank you for responding Kat, I very much appreciate it. I admit I never imagined anyone connected with the band would see this, let alone respond. I was prepared for a deluge of hate mail, and who knows, I may still get some. Thank you again for believing me when I said it was an honest question.