Friday, April 27, 2007

Anti-Gun Bias in TV Movies

I was watching this (admitedly) bad movie on satellite the other day. It was one of those "the sun is going to blow up and destroy the world in seven days" kind of disaster movies. Crazed mobs were rioting in the streets and there was mass chaos. It was about this time that a serial killer escaped custody and went searching for the witness who had put him away for life. To make a LONG and (boring) terrible storyline short: He finds her and her family. He's about to kill her husband (played by Jason Priestly) so she takes her gun and shoots him several times. Bad guy dies and falls into the pond out behind the house. It is at this point that she realizes that she's just saved her family by killing the bad guy with her gun, and what does she do next? That's right ladies and gentlemen, she recoils from her gun like it's a live scorpian and hurls it into the pond. At this point, I'm thinking "WTF? This gun, with her guidance (it's a tool) just saved her family's lives, and she throws it into the pond?" With a growl of disgust I turned off the TV.


I guess it was too much to ask for even the bad "Mini-Series" type TV movies to not have some hokey "Anti-Gun" rhetoric thrown in.


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