Friday, September 22, 2006

Spiffing up the Enfield

Here it is with the "new" micrometer rear sight which takes the place of the 300/600 flip sight. I can now aim from 200 to 1,300 yards with this "new" rear sight. Also, the safety parts have been replaced so it now works as designed, instead of slipping into safe spontaneously while the firearm is in use. That was very frustrating.

Here it is with an original sling from WWII. Doesn't it look purdy? :-) All told you're looking at about $75 of upgrades and fixes. This brings my total cost so far to around $246. I've also produced three hundred plus rounds of ammo for it with my reloading equipment I got at the gun show earlier this year.

Last but definately not least we have 100 rounds of .303 British cartridges in stripper clips. Lovely, aren't they? :-)

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