Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm worn out and in a very bad mood right now. It's my own fault really. I pushed the ol' Caravan just a little too far past the "E" and suffered for it. Yep, that's right. I ran out of gas in the middle of the street about two blocks from the courthouse (I'm getting divorced) and seven minutes from my appointment, whilst looking for a free parking space. After I asked someone for help (I was ignored until I took preemtive action) I got a guy to help me push it into the closest space, a permit only space. Great, so I'll either get a ticket or be towed! So I walked (slowly) the two blocks or so to the courthouse, go up four floors to the right office and I wait almost thirty minutes past my appointment time before she came out to meet me. She then (kindly, once she's heard about my problem) let me reschedule for next week. I called my older brother and he came with some gas.

Not enough it seems. The van is tilted at a steep angle, nose down, and the two or so gallons of gas in the can aren't reaching the intake. So, after making a quick trip to his office and then to a gas station, we finally found a store that sold starting fluid (remember the boyscout motto). I also picked up a long funnel "just because" while I was there too. So, once we get back to the van, we put the five additional gallons into the tank. This time, after about fifteen seconds of cranking it turned over and smoothed out into an idle. Damn skippy! So, with the equivalent of a quarter tank of gas I was able to drive home. I'm keeping the starting fluid just because, you never know when it might come in handy.

I would keep a five gallon can of gas in the van with me for these emergencies if it weren't for the risk of explosion and fire in an accident. What's a guy to do?

Oh, I never did get a ticket or towed. How lucky am I?

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