Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Science of Evil

'Primetime' Re-Creates a Famous Experiment to Understand How Ordinary People Can Perform Unthinkable Acts

I saw this tonight on TV and it is extremely scary in it's implications. Around 65% - 70% of the average populous would have no problem obeying an authority figure, no matter if they were told to do heinously illegal or immoral things. What's even scarier is if you translate that to the Police force or Military, where they are trained to obey a superior officer without question, and I'll bet the compliance rate would push over 90%.

I have a friend who constantly on his blog asks any Law Enforcement or Military reading, just how far they would go in obeying an illegal or immoral order. I think we have our answer.

Plus, couple that with this video (a big thank you to The Freeholder) produced by the government to show just how effective today's current Military weapons are at penetrating a modern building. There is literally no cover for you if the government wants you bad enough.

If the American Revolution or Civil War were to happen today they would fail. It would be over faster than a JBT could sneeze. The only way they would have a chance of succeeding is if they had the support of a large enough portion of the Military.

Good God, I am really starting to think I need a tinfoil hat now. Seriously, scary stuff, and I mean that sincerely.

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