Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"The Truth about 'Assault Weapons'"

...from the author:

"This video got me suspended for a week! My Chief couldn't stand the truth.

Don't let the skinny guy with color in his hair fool you. It's me! This video was made in 1989 and intended for viewing by legislators during the controversy caused by the "assault weapon" rhetoric by anti-gun types.

It struck a popular chord, though, and was distributed far and wide by the NRA. I was under orders from my Chief, Joe McNamara, to state a disclaimer whenever making a public statement, on or off duty. I neglected to do that at the beginning of this film, as I thought it was for legislator's eyes only. And Joe was lying in wait. He got me!

I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to participate in this video project, and hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.


The only thing I would add is that FA weapons aren't illeagle in most states and just require that you get approval of the BATFE and pay $200. FA weapons are very expensive however since the government decided that no NEW weapons could be imported and owned if they were made after a certain date.

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