Monday, July 10, 2006

Deborah Frisch
(that's her standing in the middle)


1. see 'moonbat'; also 'democrat', 'lesbian', 'fucktard'
2. one of a number of the genus 'homo retardo' who insist on making vile comments on blogs and then refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

Personally, I will be the first to nominate the slimy little weasel for a spot on next seasons "Surviving Ted". Not to mention the personal enjoyment I'd get from seeing her squirm, but you never know, accidents happen.

Who is Deborah Frisch you ask? Well, she was an adjunct psychology lecturer at the University of Arizona until she resigned over this brouhaha, oh and here's her blog. Basically, she made some really horrible comments on protein wisdom about Jeff Goldstien's (the blog owner) two year old child, and now wants to duck all responsability for her actions. Between her and Ward Churchill, I can't think of two better candidates for manditory sterilization. Now, she is moving, unfortunately for me, to Eugene, OR. This is way too close to me here near Vancouver, WA. In fact, the south pole is too close for me. Is it too early to nominate people for the first manned mission to Mars (no return ticket, of course)?

What's wrong with moonbats anyway? Were they dropped on their heads as infants? Did their mommy bottle feed them? ...or is the problem simply bad genetics? Nature or nurture? Who the hell knows, and I no longer care. Perhaps we'd all be best served by them if they left for Iraq and volunteered as human sheilds.

War out.


Garrett O'Hara said...

Correction: she's atthe U of Arizona, not ASU.

Yuri Orlov said...

Thanks Garrett! It's been corrected.