Monday, July 03, 2006

The Second Amendment

" A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the People, being the best security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

In other words, a militia is composed of the populous of The United States, who have an individual right to keep arms, as well as bear (use) them against threats to their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The framers of the Constitution considered this the best security of a free state. Many gun grabbers would like to construe the second amendment to mean that it is the right of the state to form an army and not an individual right, but it just doesn't say this. The Federalist Papers provide more information as to the thoughts of the people behind the drafting of the constitution as well. If you have the time, you should check them out.

George Washington

"A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies." -George Washington, from the First Annual Message to Congress New York City, Federal Hall, Wall & Broad Streets, 1790-01-08

George Washington says plainly that "A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined;..." meaning that the free citizens of The United States should be armed and trained in the use of their weapons. He goes on to say that our saftey and interests require the manufacture of supplies, particularly military suplies. So much for suing gun manufacturers for the actions of criminals.

Seriously folks, who are you going to believe: The Constitution and George Washinton, or the gun grabbers. I don't know about you, but I think I'd rather believe the founders of this country over people like Sarah Brady. In addition, these same people would have you believe that The Second Amendment applies only to muskets and swords. I call bullshit. The Second Amendment applies only to muskets and swords about as much as The First Amendment applies only to Quill pens and hand operated presses. Seriously, the whole idea is laughable.

Freedom or Subjugation, it's your choice.

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