Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hello again!

Here's what's new for today. What am I listening to these days? Well, I just picked up the new CD from "She Wants Revenge". Pretty good so far, suits my mood right now. I also picked up the new 2 disc "Collectors Edition" of "Event Horizon". For the uninformed, "Event Horizon" is a kick ass sci/fi - horror movie from 1997 featuring Laurence Fishbourne, Sam Neil, Kathleen Quinlan and Joely Richardson. Seven years ago the experimental space ship "Event Horizon" disappeared on its maiden voyage. Now, a faint emergency beacon from the lost ship is picked up and a rescue ship is sent to search for survivors. No one knows where the ship has been for seven years, but now it's back...and it's brought something back with it. It's a cool ass movie that you should watch in broad daylight and with all of the lights on. That is unless you want the shit scared out of you so bad you will have trouble going to sleep. Trust me on this.

Another movie I saw recently is "Running Scared". This is a modern version of a Grimm Brothers fairytale. It is exceedingly violent, over the top from beginning to end and a total blast to watch. The hero of the story is a low level mobster charged with disposing of a gun used to kill a dirty cop. The neighbor kid steals the gun and uses it to shoot his abusive father, and then he runs away from home. The hero must find the missing gun and dispose of it before his fellow mobsters catch wind that he messed up. Soon it's a race against time to track down the gun which keeps trading owners one step ahead of him. It's a very intense and gritty movie, I highly recommend it!

I also picked up some more ammo for my growing firearm collection (7.62x39mm, 7.62x54R mm, .38 Special and .357 Magnum). Oh. that reminds me, I found a nice nickel plated Taurus Model 605 (605SS2 made in 1997) in .357 Magnum at a pawn shop today. That's it above. It was in really good shape and the price was right, so before I knew it, I was putting 50% down on a layaway. I've been wanting to get a good CCW gun for a while now. I have been lusting after the Ruger SP-101 and this revolver is roughly the same size as the Ruger, but a little bigger. They both hold the same number of shots. A couple of weeks ago at the range, an acquaintance allowed me to shoot his SP-101. The recoil was amazing, verging on uncontrollable. I also shot his S&W revolver that was a little bigger and the recoil was manageable. So I decided that the Taurus was a good compromise. I'm not a rich guy and Taurus has a good rep, so what the heck! :-) Hopefully I'll be able to get it out this month or early next month. I can't wait to take it up to the range!

Speaking of ranges... I hope to finally be able to join Clark Rifles in Brush Prairie, WA. The only thing stopping me is finances, so I should be able to become a member soon.

Well, I can't think of anything else to add here, so ta ta for now!

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